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Downlod YouTube Videos In PC And Android

Ever wondered how to download YouTube videos?  You are in the right section where I am going to share how to download YouTube videos. According to YouTube's terms and conditions, downloading YouTube's videos is prohibited. But due to several conditions there may be reasons the video should be downloaded. So, Today I am sharing the ways by which you can download YouTube videos easily. There is no official YouTube downloader available so, we have to take help of third party softwares or websites to make the videos downloadable. _________________________________________________________________________________ Third Party Softwares For Downloading YouTube Videos In PC: _________________________________________________________________________________ YTD Video Downloader : It downloads videos from YouTube, Facebook and 60+ other popular sites. It also converts different videos formats. It has also the automatic resume feature when the download fails. But for more

How To Recover Deleted Files In PC

Hello Guys, Are you troubled with accidental deletion of files ?? Today, I am back with an idea of recovering of deleted files in PC. We are very much troubled with the accidental deletion of the files which are very important to us.I will share a software with which you can recover accidentally deleted files. I am talking about "Recuva" , a software which can recover your deleted files quickly and easily. Features of Recuva: It can recover files such as pictures, documents, music, videos, emails or any types of files you have lost accidentally. It can recover files from memory cards, external hard disks, pen drives etc. It can recover deleted files from newly formatted or damaged hard disks unlike most recovery tools It has deep scan modesto find traces of hard to find files. It also has the feature to delete a file permanently and make sure the files remains deleted forever.  STEPS TO RECOVER DELETED FILES IN PC: Firstly dow

How To Use Free Net In NCELL Using OperaMini

NOT WORKING ANYMORE ...... Hello Guys, As we all know, Ncell is a biggest network provider in Nepal and it has offered various offers to it's customers. It has also offered to access some sites in zero balance such as Twitter, Wikipedia etc.                   Today i am going to share a trick to browse any sites in Ncell using Operamini with it's free service Twitter. You can use this trick until Ncell provides free Twitter. NOTE: This trick is only possible for Mobile Operamini not PC. You should try this trick with zero balance . This trick will work until Twitter free service is available. Now you should follow below steps to access any sites using Operamini =>> Firstly, Download OPERAMINI HERE  if you don't have it. Also you have to create a new Twitter Account and also you can use your current Twitter account but as many unnecessary tweets will be tweeted, it is better to sign up a new Twitter Account. You should verify y

Download Subtitles In VLC

                                       VLC is a free and open source multimedia player that supports most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and also supports streaming links. It's a simple, powerful and a fast player that plays everything including Files, Disks, Webcams ,and Streams. It plays most of the codecs with no codes pack required. It's completely free and runs on all platforms including Windows, Linux, Android etc. VLC comes with a feature with which you can load subtitle with it's subtitle download extension. Now, you don't need to search and download subtitles and with VLC you can download and load subtitles very easily. If you haven't got latest VLC => DOWNLOAD VLC HERE STEPS REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD AND LOAD SUBTITLES IN VLC ITSELF: VLSub  is an extension for VLC which can search and download required subtitles from using hash or name of the video you are playing.     1. First of all, open v

Root Android with PC and Android

Rooting???? Well Rooting means getting administrative privileges on your android devices. You can browse your android as administrator as in windows and perform activities as administrator. You can root your android devices with pc and with android devices alone. As there are pros and cons of anything, rooting does have pros and cons which are listed below. PROS: 1. Run special applications which need admin privileges. 2. Run custom ROMs. 3 Remove pre-installed apps. CONS: 1. Your phone might get bricked. 2. Void of phone's warranty. Preparing your android devices for rooting: Devices must be charged at least 50% or more.  Download and install ADB(Android Debug Bridge) drivers  Download ADB here  for your devices. In some cases the rooting apps automatically detects and downloads ADB such as KINGO root for pc. Enable USB Debbuging Mode on your android device by going on developer options in settings. For Earlier Android Devices :Goto=>Settings=>Appl