Download Subtitles In VLC


VLC is a free and open source multimedia player that supports most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and also supports streaming links. It's a simple, powerful and a fast player that plays everything including Files, Disks, Webcams ,and Streams. It plays most of the codecs with no codes pack required. It's completely free and runs on all platforms including Windows, Linux, Android etc.

VLC comes with a feature with which you can load subtitle with it's subtitle download extension. Now, you don't need to search and download subtitles and with VLC you can download and load subtitles very easily.

If you haven't got latest VLC =>DOWNLOAD VLC HERE


VLSub is an extension for VLC which can search and download required subtitles from using hash or name of the video you are playing.

   1. First of all, open vlc and goto=>VIEW=>VLSub if the VLSub is already present you needn't download it.
    2.  Download VLSub from here and extract the compressed file. You should find a file named "vlsub.lua" in the extracted location.

3.  If you already have VLC then its ok otherwise download latest VLC from the link mentioned above. Now you have to move the file "vlsub.lua" to the VLC extension folder.

     Copy it to::: Program Files=>VideoLAN=>VLC=>lua=>extensions

4.  Now, open VLC ,load a video and under the "View" option you should see "VLSub" option.

5.  Now by clicking VLSub you should see VLSub window. Now you can search for desired video subtitle by selecting subtitle language and also video title. You can download subtitle by using both "search by hash" or "search by hash".  If you prefer "search by hash" , then the hash will be calculated and the subtitle according to the hash will be displayed. If you choose "search by name" , the subtitle according to name will be dispalyed.

6. When you find the correct result in the list then highlight and click "Download Selection".The
default download location is the same location as video and automatically loaded in the video.

  VLSub is very useful to download subtitles and prevent the wasting of our time in searching and downloading the subtitles. 


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