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How To Register domain for free in Nepal

**NEW METHOD*  How To Register domain for free [NEW] If you want to manage your own website with free domain available then you have approached the right post. Today I will share the step-by-step method to get  domain in Nepal for free. You can also get this domain free of cost. After this post, you will be able to own your own personal website with domain for free.

Download Bluestacks-Android App Player For Windows

Bluestacks App player is a computer software which provides platform for running android apps and games in desktop and laptops. This software can be downloaded from the internet and installed in your computer to provide platform for the apps and games. It provides user full screen experience for your favorites games and apps. You can also configure Google PlayStore in Bluestacks and can download your favorite apps and games and have full computer experience with the android platform.

Make USB Flash Drives Bootable With CMD

We are familiar with bootable DVD or CD drives which we used to install newer versions of windows or other operating systems but they have disadvantages over the USB flash drives. USB flash drives can be used frequently with different versions of windows or other OS making it bootable. It can also be partitioned and different versions of windows or LINUX distributions or other OS can be kept and used as bootable drive. So in order to make USB flash drive bootable I am sharing a way without any softwares. Yes, many softwares are also available today for making USB flash drives bootable but I am focusing this post without the help of softwares. I use this process when I have to make my USB drive bootable when I am lacking software for making bootable drives. So you needn’t download any softwares for it. All you need is CMD with administrator privileges and using DiskPart which is a command line utility.

Create Hotspot In Computer With CMD

This blog post focuses on helping you creating hotspot on computer without any software. Yes, you can create hotspots using softwares also which are present widely in the internet which can be downloaded but they have limitations on free versions and some are also freely available. Now, if you know to create hotspots right away without softwares easily then you will not have to download those softwares and install it. You can turn your computer to a hotspot immediately without using software and connect other devices for accessing the internet shared by your computer.  For this we only require CMD (Command Prompt) with administrator privileges.

Recover Deleted Files In Android

Yes, you have heard it right; you can restore deleted files in android too. I have shared the idea of restoring accidentally deleted files in windows  Recover Deleted Files In Windows . Today I will be sharing restoring of deleted files in android. For restoring files in android your Android should be rooted and for rooting your android I have shared a post on it  Root Your Android . Now you need an application called “DiskDigger” which can be downloaded  HERE .

Download Nepali Calendar For Windows And Mobile

If you are searching Nepali Calendar for laptops and android then you are in the right post where i am providing information required for downloading it. NEPALI CALENDAR FOR WINDOWS:  Nepali Calendar developed by Sudarsan Poudel  shows date in BS as well as AD with nepali font and can be placed as Gadget in Windows Desktop. It has also date conversion feature from BS to AD and vice-versa.  STEPS FOR DOWNLOADING NEPALI CALENDAR: Firstly download nepali calendar  HERE . And extract the zipped file downloaded . After that you should install the nepali fonts in the extracted folder by opening and installing it. Without installing nepali fonts, Nepali Calendar will work improperly. Now open "Nepal Calendar.exe" present in extracted folder and you should see Gadget in image as below. If you click on the Gadget You should see the calender both in AD and BS. _________________________________________________________________________________ NEPA