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How To Register .com.np domain for free in Nepal

**NEW METHOD* How To Register .com.np domain for free [NEW]

If you want to manage your own website with free domain available then you have approached the right post. Today I will share the step-by-step method to get .com.np domain in Nepal for free. You can also get this domain free of cost. After this post, you will be able to own your own personal website with domain .com.np for free.

Steps to register .com.np domain:

  1. At first, go to http://register.mos.com.np and check for domain availability. Only domain name as your name in citizenship will be approved otherwise rejected. So check domain availability with your first name alone or first name along with the last name in any order of placement. The result for domain availability can be seen as in the image.
  2. Now, drag the domain to the domain basket on the right-hand side and fill username and Email properly and click on register.
  3. Check your mail for the further process of registration. Click on the confirmation link for the further registration process.
  4. You should be redirected to the page asking for First, Last name, Password and click on submit button after filling up. It will be redirected to login page.
  5. Log in with your username and password for further completion of the domain details. Now fill the required fields with correct details as in image and submit it.
  6. Now you should upload a scanned copy of your citizenship with an image named like yourname.com.np_citizenship.jpg (yourname should be replaced by your domain namewhich should be less than 800KB.

    Then fill the name servers where your website is going to be hosted.

    Some of the free hosting services are :
    Primary Nameserver: ns01.000webhost.com
    Secondary Nameserver: ns02.000webhost.com
    Primary Nameserver: ns1.freehosting.com
    Secondary Nameserver: ns2.freehosting.com
    Primary Nameserver: dns1.freehostia.com
    Secondary Nameserver: dns2.freehostia.com

    After all, details are entered, click on update and you have to wait for the approval mail to successfully own the domain. It would take normally one working day if all the details are correct to get the domain approved.

    In the name server above, I have used afraid.org Name servers to host .com.np domain on blogger which I will discuss in the further post. 

    If you have any confusion during registration of the domain, you can freely comment below. All suggestions and problems raised are welcomed warmly.

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