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Microprocessor 8085 Old Questions TU Nepal

1) Find the greatest number in an array. First data represents the size of the array. LXI H , 3200H / / set memory pointer to array whose first data is its size MOV A , M / / load array size from memory CPI 00H / / check if array size is 00H JZ ZEROSIZE / / if array size is zero move to halt program MOV B , A / / move size to reg B as counter INX H / / increment memory pointer MOV A , M / / move first data of array to reg A , consider it to be maximum LOOP : DCR B / / decrease counter JZ LOOPFINISH / / if counter is zero stop loop INX H / / increase memory pointer CMP M / / compare current max with new array element JNC CONTINUE / / if new data is greater CY will be set , if CY set update current max in reg

How To Create Own Blog With Blogger

Hello, everyone, I am back again with the post to create a blog on and I will be there on the next post with "How to host on blogger".So, let's start: What is Blog? =>Blog is a regularly updated website run by an individual or by a small group of people. Blogger is the platform provided by the Google for creating blogs. It is a nice platform to start with your blogging career. You may create a beautiful and unique blog on blogger and start your blogging right away with your own ways and passions. If you are a beginner with blogging then you may start with blogger platform. Self-Hosted Wordpress is  a good platform but you need a paid hosting for your blogs or you may start with free Wordpress blogs. Blogger is free and it has its own hosting for images, videos and blog contents. For hosting mp3 songs and other you have to host it on other external hosting sites. Many of us are already into blogging and know pretty

Polish Notation and Conversion Algorithm

If you type in "Polish Notation" in Google search bar what you get is "a system of formula notation without brackets or special punctuation, frequently used to represent the order in which arithmetical operations are performed in many computers and calculators." So what does it mean?

Artificial Intelligence in Nepal -Need and Opportunity

Artificial intelligence has been pronounced from the long time ago. Various records and historical shreds of evidence show that the origin of the term Artificial Intelligence dated back to the around 400 BC. Since that time many great scholars had contributed to this particular field and still many are giving their ages to achieve the peak of Intelligence.

Gauss Elimination with Partial Pivoting