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How To Create Own Blog With Blogger

Hello, everyone, I am back again with the post to create a blog on blogger.com and I will be there on the next post with "How to host .com.np on blogger".So, let's start:

What is Blog?
=>Blog is a regularly updated website run by an individual or by a small group of people.

Blogger is the platform provided by the Google for creating blogs. It is a nice platform to start with your blogging career. You may create a beautiful and unique blog on blogger and start your blogging right away with your own ways and passions. If you are a beginner with blogging then you may start with blogger platform. Self-Hosted Wordpress is  a good platform but you need a paid hosting for your blogs or you may start with free Wordpress blogs. Blogger is free and it has its own hosting for images, videos and blog contents. For hosting mp3 songs and other you have to host it on other external hosting sites. Many of us are already into blogging and know pretty much of it. So, I want this post to be fruitful to the readers who want to have their first blogs or the ones who are getting troubles after creating the blog.

Now let's create blog guys.

Here are the steps you need to follow to successfully create and run your blog for the first time.
  • Goto "www.blogger.com" or click here Blogger. After this, You will see CREATE YOUR BLOG and click on it. You will be asked to login your Gmail account If you are not logged in your Gmail account.

  • After this, you will be asked a title for your blog and the address you want for your blog. The title can be anything like Tech Portal, News Portal, Health and Education, Sports etc and you can change the title after creating the blog if you don't like it. Enter address for your blog related to the title just you entered or enter any address now and you can change it later if you like. Enter an address and it will check for its availability and if you are lucky you will get your desired blog address you like. You can select a template and proceed to create the blog. You can download free templates by searching on the Google or You may buy a Template from different sites that are offering its sale.
  • Now, You will be on the screen with Create a Post. You can create new posts here by clicking on New post or Create a new post. You can create as many new posts as desired.

  • On the Stats, You can see the Pageviews of your blog per day, week and all time views. You can see the number of views on the particular posts. You can also see the number of audiences of the different country visiting your blog.

  • On the Comment tab, you can see the number of comments in your post. You can delete or spam the comments on your posts if you don't want the posts to be seen on your posts.
  • On the Earning Tab, You can see :How to qualify for AdSence and if you have your AdSense approved on the blog then you would see the ads settings to be seen on this tab.

  •  On the Campaigns Tab, You can see start AdWords. Whether you're looking to bring in new readers or keep them coming back for more, AdWords can help your blog get more visibility. You can create your own ads and your ads get displayed on the Google searches and you can get more readers.

  • On the Pages Tab, You can create new pages such as About US, Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Contact US etc and other as per the requirement of your blog. These listed pages are essential for the blog. You can create the new pages and edit it the way you like to show on the blog.

  • On the Layout Tab, You can arrange the blog contents and show the best of the arrangement on the blog. You can move the gadgets here and there as per your wish or add new gadgets provided by Blogger by clicking on the Add a Gadget.  

  • On the Theme Tab, You can apply the template downloaded or you can backup the current template by clicking on Backup/Restore. You can customize the templates based on the settings the templates has offered.You can change the color of the Posts, Background, Width, Height and many others.You can also add CSS code to beautify the blog contents if you know how to code or you can get CSS code from the internet for the desired purposes.

  • On the Settings Tab, Under Basic, You can change the blog title, add blog description and also edit the blog address if you want another address for the blog. Under Posts, Comments, and Sharing, You can edit the preferred settings. Settings also include Email, Language, and Formatting, Search Preferances, Others and User Settings which can be edited as desired.

After these steps I think you will be owner of the blog which is provided by the Blogger free of cost. You can move on later with .com domain and with premium hosting with the experience from the Blogger. You can also create blog on www.wordpress.com if you like. I have tried to include all the details I could by my side. After reading this post I hope you have gathered some knowledge on how to start blog with Blogger and own your own Blog.

My purpose for this is to teach my valuable readers how to host .com.np on blogger platform. I will write a post soon to teach how to host .com.np on blogger.

If you have any confusions in this post, You can comment down below and I will try to reply back as soon as possible.

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