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Do you want Pageviews from Google on your websites ?? Then you have landed in the right post. Today I am back with a new post for getting Pageviews in your websites from different location all around the world. I have come across a site named HitLeap which offers Traffic Exchanges for its users. You can earn Hits or buy Hits from this website and increase Pageviews on your website. You can buy hits from this site which delivers Pageviews on your website in real time. The Pageviews are due to the real people like us who also want to increase Pageviews on their sites. But if you don't want to buy Hits, then you can also earn Hits. You can also have your referrals to earn commissions which include Hits as well as cash. It is a good traffic exchange website which delivers real page views on your desired sites. Initially, you can place three websites or page links to receive Pageviews but you can have more by buying more slots for your web pages or sites.

Let's follow the following steps to earn and deliver Hits to your sites from Google:
  • Go to and click on Sign Up to register your account.
  • Enter your email address, username, password, and tick on I agree to the Terms of Service. After that click on SIGN UP.
  • After that, you will get confirmation mail on your email address. Open the mail received from HitLeap and open the link to complete the registration process.
  • Log in to your account with your username and password. Then click on My Websites. If you want page views on your website from Google then you have to search your post titled keyword on Google and copy the google address from Google. Then Go To My Websites on HitLeap website and click on Add new website. After that paste, the Google address of your website in the Website address and adjust other settings as required and Submit. Your websites will be listed for getting hits. For example, I have searched for my website related keyword as shown in the pictures below copied the Google links. I have searched for keyword " download Nepali calendar " and I have copied the link after searching my websites listing in Google.

  • Now to earn the Hits and get more page views on the site, you have to earn Hits. To earn Hits you have to go to Earn Traffic and download the HitLeap software.

  • After downloading, Install it and log in it with your HitLeap details. Now leave the software run on your computer minimizing it. This software will provide Hits to other HitLeap users and also increase your current Hits to be provided to your websites. You can check your available Hits by checking it in your browser. You can see the earned remaining Hits after you login on your account.

In this way, You can get free page views or hits on your websites from Google. I have tried to include all the details of this website and if you face any problems then you can comment down below stating your problems. We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible. 

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