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About Us

We are the group of three B.E students (Pawan Paudel, Sagar Sapkota, and Kiran Adhikari) behind this blog www.pawanpaudel.com.np. We currently focused on studies and sharing knowledge and ideas through this blog. We share the new ideas and knowledge we know and talk about computers, mobiles, programming, engineering syllabus etc. Our main purpose of creating this blog is to share our contents to our beloved visitors. So, we are thriving to make this blog one of the best blogs to deliver usable contents. Here you can find many posts focusing on different topics which are shared in order to make sure that it is fruitful for you.

You can contact us directly on our Contact Us Page or you may contact us directly through our email addresses. Your comments and feedback are very valuable to us and it makes us easy to provide a better blog.

Our Email Adresses:

pawanpaudel93@gmail.com (Pawan Paudel)

spkt_sagar@gmail.com (Sagar Sapkota)

kiruu1238@gmail.com (Kiran Adhikari)

Keep on visiting this blog.